In-Home & Web

In-Home Consultation

An in-home consultation provides you with focused Green Mama expertise to answer all your green living questions. A typical consultation will last 2 ½ hours and will cover three “hotspots.” Common hotspots include the nursery, kitchen, bathroom, or playroom. As well, hotspots can include lifestyle routines like how to green cleaning, diapering, or food choices. Your Green Mama consultant will help you choose your hotspots beforehand and then find solutions that work for you. In-home consultations can also be built around special needs like dealing with chemical sensitivities, asthma triggers, or lead exposure. 

Consultations come with a FREE 30 minute web/phone follow-up to address any questions you forgot to ask or problems you run into. 

SKYPE Consulting (and Classes)

Live far away? Have a new baby and can’t get away? Want someone on your staff to get a crash course in green? Schedule a “virtual” consultation or class and learn while sitting in the comfort of your own home. Invite friends or don’t. As easy as watching TV, only a whole lot more fun.

Web-based consulting and classes are generally a bit less than their in-person counterparts as they save time and money in commuting. Go for the green and give it a try today! Consultations come with a FREE 30 minute virtual follow-up.

Caveats: The Green Mama can “visit” you via Skype or iChat.  She will try not to visit you wearing her bathrobe, but she can’t promise you lipstick. If you do not have a Skype account you can get one free. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then this option is probably not for you. We can do almost the same thing, however, with an old-fashioned telephone line.

Private Class

Private classes are a fun way to get the information of a Green Mama workshop surrounded by your friends and family. Want to lead a greener life and want the support of your friends? A Green Mama workshop brunch gets the questions you and your friends are struggling with answered in a fun and casual setting. Green Parenting baby showers; Greening your Menstrual Cycle wine & cheese socials; or Live Green, Save Green potlucks have all been done!  

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