Day Cares & Schools

Why a Green Day Care or School?

Parents today are searching for healthier options for their children. We now know that good indoor air quality can reduce or prevent asthma attacks; that additive-free, healthy foods can prevent some behavior issues; and that chemicals such as BPA, phthalates, and Triclosan (all routinely found in children’s products from toys to hand soaps) can effect the developing hormone systems.

A green day care or school can create a safer, healthier space for children and staff. With the growing interest among parents, educators, and regulators, an educational institution can go green without sacrificing the bottom line. The Green Mama, LLC provides a service still unique having worked with some of the only green daycares in the country. The field is still young and day cares/schools going above and beyond the norm have experienced growth during times of recession, better staff and student retention, and media attention.


Advisory: In an advisory role, our lead consultant will provide resources and guidance for specific phases of your green day care/school project. She will assist in decision-making, attend team meetings, and be available as needed via phone, email, and in person for a determined period of time.

Collaborative: In a consultative role, our lead consultant will be available as an advisor and as a team leader to accomplish goals set out by the client. This can involve working with the staff, conducting meetings, product and materials selection, and extensive reporting.


The Green Mama does not assess hourly or daily fees. A proposal based on your specific needs and timeframe will be created. If you are interested in discussing this further or are ready for a quote, please contact us and we will set up a time to meet.

Public schools can work with The Green Mama at the level of the district, individual school, or even just one classroom. Ask us about how we might assist you!