The Green Mama Review: Red Dragon indoor composter

The Red Dragon electric-assist, indoor composting appliance

Green aspects

Compost is almost half your garbage

Potentially compostable materials make up 40% of the average family's garbage bag.  Biodegradable materials make up as much as 65% percentage of landfills--and things in landfills virtually never biodegrade. That means that they don’t break-down (usually with the help of bacteria) into something like soil that “feeds” other life with its carbon. Hotdogs and newspaper (both potentially biodegradable) just sit in the anaerobic environment of a landfill and they sit there in tack for hundreds of year or forever. At my house they could be fertilizer within 24 hours.

What’s to love & not to love?

The Red Dragon is the first composter I've loved.  

1. It's pretty. 

2. It works, really works: you can put in many pounds of food scraps a day and the next day have fertilizer.

3. You can throw almost anything at her and she can handle it: cooked food, meat, eggshells, citrus rinds, AND EVEN compostable diapers.

4. It's easy to use, easy to set-up, anyone can do it.

This is what I did:  1) I found a place to vent the machine (a window is ideal) 2) I poured in the saw dust material 3). I poured in 2 litres of water and 4.) I plugged her in.  I started adding other material right away.  I started small: a pail of kitchen scraps. By the next morning it was entirely gone and rich, black fertilizer was in its place. So, I upped the challenge and poured in a few bags of kitchen scraps, rotten leftovers from the refrigerator, and two compostable diapers. I checked back at the end of the day and already the stuff had magically transformed into fertilizer.

It must be two parts magic, one part the power of artificially heating compost, and one part the power of microbes, but really The Red Dragon is amazing. She is the solution for any urban dweller looking to compost. And should you need a larger, higher capacity machine, she has a slew of handsome, big brothers.

The only down-side: you need to have a window to vent the "tailpipe" of the dragon. It took us a few minutes to figure this out, but we just moved it next to a window and vented it that way. As well, The Red Dragon is pretty much the most expensive composter I've ever seen.

Learn more about my whole love affair with the Red Dragon here:


Why buy versus go without?

If space is at a premium, time is of the essence, and/or worms aren't for you: The Red Dragon is it. It also is the first composting system I have had that actually produces so much fertilizer it is hard for me to find used for it all.  Truly amazing!

The Green Mama rating.

The Green Mama gives the Red Dragon Two Green Thumbs Up. I love it.

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