Green Make-overs

Do you work with women, parents, or children? Do you run a school or a business? Are you greening the way you do business? Ever wanted a personal green consultant, but thought you couldn't afford it?

The Green Mama can help you save money, achieve your green goals, and reach the eco-curious parents market.

The "EcoAware Moms" market includes more than 51 million women (69% of moms) and has more than $1.45 trillion in buying power according to a 2010 report from EcoFocus Worldwide. Parents increasingly want products and services that are healthy, ecological, and effective.

Whether you are a birth professional, a retailer, a school, or a marketing professional, The Green Mama can help you grow your business with green. The Green Mama founder, Manda Aufochs Gillespie, brings over 15 years experience in the green field and a unique access to hundreds of eco-aware moms. She has worked with doulas, parenting consultants, nursery planners, advertising agencies, PR firms, sporting good manufacturers, retailers, kid product manufacturers, and child-care organizations. Even better, The Green Mama is fun! Go green, earn green, have fun!

The Green MY (store, service, product, home, school, husband, baby, pregnancy, daycare, you-name-it) Make-over is a private consulting package to help you transform your business (or life) fast and easy at a price you can afford. It includes:

  • 45 minute initial consultation to set goals
  • Tailored green action plan for your business
  • Green education class for employees/managers/or owners (over web or live if in vacinity)
  • 30 minute follow-up consultation to assess implementation and provide follow-through assistance

Price: You pay only $350

Green Mama Services

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