Are boring playgrounds hurting our kids?

Do boring playgrounds make our kids playground stupid?

Buddings Flexible Childcare: A New Approach to an Old Problem

 It didn’t take long after I moved to Vancouver to start hearing about all of the issues parents have with childcare here.  There isn’t enough of it, it is too expensive, and there is little diversity of options.

Boring playgrounds are unsafe says New York Times

The New York Times warns that your child's playground might be boring them to death (or at least into a phobia).

It’s summer time and parents everywhere are crowding onto playgrounds with their children. Me included. And I am shocked at just how boring they have gotten. Gone are the days when playgrounds were thrilling places: climbing to the top of a huge jungle gym, teetering 5 feet off the ground and screaming at my little brother not to drop me, or hurdling around on a tire swing until getting sick.

Greening Christmas (Hanukkah or any other Holiday)

'Tis the season.  The lights of Hanukkah will soon fade into the past and the lights of Christmas are on the horizon. Parents everywhere are thinking about gifts. It is one of the questions I am most asked: "How do I green celebrations?" The winter holidays are a test for most of us: wanting to please our children, wanting to have more money, wanting less stuff, wanting to please our relatives.

Linda Solomon's 5 tips for walking to school with your kid

In this guest blog, Linda Solomon of the Vancouver Observer discusses how to make walking to school fun for kids.

Notes from Vancouver: Earth Hour just in the attitude?

The results are in: Earth Hour was a success—mostly. As I have already mentioned, our family has been walking around gloating about our 85% reduction during Earth Hour.  (We know this because we are taking part in a real-time energy-use monitoring pilot with Pulse Energy.)

The Greenest Games Ever? Vancouver and the 2010 Winter Olympics.

It is a once in a lifetime experience, being a spectator at the Olympic games:  a green mama spectator at the green Olympic Games. The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver is being billed as the greenest games ever, and that is in the eco sense of the word.

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