Alternatives to toxic drycleaning: what and why and how

The Green Mama speaks with the CBC on the dangers of traditional drycleaning and the benefits of the greener alternatives

I was interviewed for a show on PERC done by the CBC and I am using this opportunity to finally do a blog about the problems of drycleaning and the healtheir alternatives. Thank you CBC for taking on this interesting issue.

Green Cleaning for the Home: A Green Mama Guide to a Safe & Healthy Clean

Time for Spring Cleaning? Here's The Green Mama's Tips for a safe, healthy, "green" clean

Anti-bacterial hand soap and your child: a dirty clean?

It's school time again; and in every school bathroom in North America you can hear the "splat, splat" sound of anti-bacterial soap squirting onto the hands of school children everywhere. So, what does the science tell us about anti-bacterial products and just how bad are they for our children's health?

Are mom's worried about the wrong things? How to keep your child safe in today's toxic world.

I’ve had a slew of Ask the Green Mama questions recently that boil down to this: What are real dangers and what are the imagined dangers of parenting? This is at the heart of most questions, isn’t it? What will really kill my baby and what is actually not worth the stress of the worry. 

Of course, much of this we just don’t know. Parenting is risky, because life is full of unknowns. Today’s science, however, is telling us much about where our worry line should be.

Here’s what we do know.

Toxic carseats? Is your carseat really safe? Ask the Green Mama.

Dear Green Mama: I just read a CNN article on toxic carseats. Really, isn't it enough that I religiously use a carseat for my child? Does it really matter that I also check out how toxic the carseat is as well? —Exasperated in Chicago


Considering the Cause - New Report on Cancer

If we use chemicals that are known or suspected carcinogens in our daily lives (e.g. consumer products, food we eat, etc.) we are increasing our risk for developing cancer.

Reflections from a Hair Addict: Finding Recovery

When I was growing up my hair was a mess: frizzy, bushy and permanently dented from being tied in a ponytail. Part of this was due to era, the late 80s/early 90s, but a lot of it was because my hair was addicted.

Organic Ingredients and the Real Organic Brands

I’d been pouring over labels for years and considered myself a savvy shopper, but the skincare aisle almost had me duped.  I’m one of those people: the kind that stands in the Whole Foods aisle obsessively scanning every label.   I am not appeased by claims of Natural! Kid Safe! or Hypoallergenic. What I’m looking for are the ingredients. The rest, as far as I am concerned, is just fancy PR. I want to know what I’m putting in and on my body.

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