Greener Sex: Birth control, sex toys, & lubricants made better for you & the environment

Tips and resources for healthier and more environmentally responsible birth control, sex toys, and lubricants

There are number of things that can be done to green-up sex itself. From using products such as condoms and lubricants that are healthy on the body, not made of estrogen-releasing plastics, and are gentle on the environment to avoiding birth control that routinely exposes your body and our waterways to persistent doses of estrogen.

Getting Rid of Lice Naturally with the Help of Science: The Green Mama helps get rid of this itchy back-to-school problem

All the kids were lined up in rows in the gym.  It was the day the public health nurse came and combed through everyone’s heads looking for lice. That is the way it was done when I was young. Judging how often I am getting notes from my child's school, head lice is just as frequent now as then and just as frequent in North America as in Central and South America.

Is your sunscreen doing more harm than good? Probably.

What your mama should have told you about the dangers of sunscreen

It’s that time of year again when the sun begins to shine and parents reach for the sunscreen. We are told that sunscreen will protect us from sunburn, wrinkles, and skin cancer. Yet, research now suggests that sunscreen might not do any of these things very well: instead, many of the most popular sunscreen brands might actually increase our children’s chances of getting some cancers.

Safer Skincare for Children: The Green Mama guide to healthier, organic, "green" skincare for babies and children

 The Green Mama's Guide to Safer Skincare for Children

Children are vulnerable

What your mama never told you about sunscreen. The 2011 Green Mama Guide to safer sun exposure

It’s enough to drive parents crazy: “Slather your kids in sunscreen!” we are told. Yet, we are learning that the majority of popular sunscreens might NOT provide protection from the worst of the skin cancers and might actually increase our children’s chances of getting some cancers.


Ask the Green Mama: The Dangers of Anti-Bacterial Soap

Dear Green Mama: I'm a teacher. I've read on your site before that hand sanitizers can be problematic. What about anti-bacterial soaps? Will they help protect me from catching colds and flus from my students? I assume you are going to say "No!" So what information can I use to help get the support of my school and parents in getting rid of the antibacterial hand soaps that are everywhere!


Considering the Cause - New Report on Cancer

If we use chemicals that are known or suspected carcinogens in our daily lives (e.g. consumer products, food we eat, etc.) we are increasing our risk for developing cancer.

Summer Sun Safety

Summer is here in the northern hemisphere! Chicago had its first string of hot days – the lakefront path is crowded, kids are playing in the water and the air smells of sunscreen and B.B.Q’s.  With the sun shining down and the urge to take off all but my bottom layers, comes the inevitable question – Should I put on sunscreen today or not?

Ask the Green Mama: Green Parenting 101 tips?

Dear Green Mama: In June I am going to have my first baby!  I don’t really think of myself as 

Green Concoctions: Deodorant

A few years ago I became super vigilant about looking at labels, scanning the ingredient list for some of the big offenders. I wanted to avoid parabens, synthetic fragrances, propylene glycol, dyes, 1-4 dioxane, petroleum based ingredients, and--most recently--nanoparticles.

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