Top 10 Green Faux Pas

Top 10 Green Faux Pas (originally published on Chicago Now)

This list is based on observations I’ve made about the little things we can do every day to be green. Little things are important because they keep good green practices front of mind and visible to others, hopefully causing others to join in. To find out how you can make the biggest impact, calculate your total carbon footprint.

Here are my top 10 green faux pas:

Can I recycle my baby's carseat?

Dear Green Mama: My friends and I swap, reuse, and hand-down everything from baby clothes, toys, and books to cribs, tricycles, and information.  What do we do, though, with our old car seats?  These days, the car seats come with expiration dates, yet I can't seem to find a carseat recycler.  Any ideas or connections that would help in this endeavor? --Distressed green driver

What We Can Learn from the U.K.: A lesson in e-waste recycling

I know Independence Day is coming up for us U.S.-based folks, but I have to take a moment to praise the British for their efforts in regard to waste.

What you can learn from the plastic recycling codes

Bisphenol A (BPA) mimics the hormone estrogen and may interfere with ovulation and
reproduction as well as brain-cell development. 
Where do you find it: BPA is a plasticizer that is found in (and leaches out of) products
such as polycarbonate water bottles, baby bottles, canned soups, beans, and other
foods as well as softdrinks. Nearly all can liners contain BPA.  Regular use, such as

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