Last minute holiday shopping: A green, ethical, and fun guide to last-minute shopping

The Green Mama gives a few tips for shopping green, ethical, and last-minute

No worries, I am not one to lecture about leaving shopping to the last minute. I am pretty sure it is the only shopping my family ever does. It seems to be made worse by my family's disdain of typical consumerism. Yet, to handmake all the gifts I so desperately want to bestow on the teachers, friends, family, and many other loved ones I know, I would have needed to start months ago. And, I didn't.

Fairytales make kids smarter

I've been doing a lot of research recently on the profound effects that media has on children. I take getting my children into nature, limiting their media, and encouraging play seriously. These parenting techniques are backed by science and are proven to be some of the best ways to raise healthier, and smarter, children. Yet, a person needs to sleep in every so often (except not my children). Or survive long car rides, airplane trips to Gautemala, anyway.... you get the picture...

The Green Mama Reviews the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport LE with CRV

A Manhattan Family Without a Car Reviews the Mitsubishi Outlander SUV

We use a car for weekend trips or long-haul road trips and depend on Zipcar, rental cars, or borrowed cars. Therefore, when we do use a car we tend to maximize cargo capacity, need real comfort due to the longer distances and kid's unfamiliarity with riding in the car, and highway mileage is more important than city driving. Since we haven’t owned a car since having children and moving to the New York City, we don't have a lot of experience shopping for or comparing family vehicles.

A Green Family Car? A Review of the Mitsubish EV by The Green Mama

The Mitsubish i-MiEV: An Electric Family Car

I just spent the past 4 days zipping, at a moderate pace, around the Chicago city streets in the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. 

Hygeia Enjoye LBI Breast Pump: “No Pumps In Dumps,” A Great First Step

In 2010, before the birth of my first daughter, I searched the Internet for breast pumps but I had no idea how to choose such an intimate device when all the pumps on the market sounded so similar.
Luckily, Hygeia’s Enjoye LBI Double Breast Pump appeared in one of my searches as the first “Green Pump” so I looked no further. Feed my child breast milk AND save the earth? Sold.
So I tested this pump for you. Daily for 301 days, up to six times a day! Then again a year later.

Urban Composting Made Easy with the Worm Factory, Part 3

Vermicomposting Success: Worms, wonderful worms

Urban Composting Made Easy with the Worm Factory

A Green Mama real-life story of vermicomposting

For years, I’ve half-heartedly composted my kitchen scraps, piling them in a bin or a designated spot outdoors, occasionally turning the pile and knowing that I’d never live anywhere long enough to see any actual compost.  (This was, after all, in my twenties, and do you know that it can take up to two years to complete the composting process?) Still, whether or not I produced any compost, I figured that at least I was keeping kitchen scraps out of the landfill.

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