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School of Thanks: Teaching kids to care in today's world

I want my kids to know how good they’ve got it. Don’t we all?

Like most Middle-Class parents in North America, I parent with a lot more: I obsess about their educational experiences, rush off to the doctor at the first sign of a rash, and worry about which summer camp will be the most enriching.

Fairytales make kids smarter

I've been doing a lot of research recently on the profound effects that media has on children. I take getting my children into nature, limiting their media, and encouraging play seriously. These parenting techniques are backed by science and are proven to be some of the best ways to raise healthier, and smarter, children. Yet, a person needs to sleep in every so often (except not my children). Or survive long car rides, airplane trips to Gautemala, anyway.... you get the picture...

Eco-Phobia, Electronics, and the New Nature Movement: An Interview with Richard Louv

Richard Louv on nature-deficit disorder, play, parents, and the role of schools in raising today's healthy child

When Richard Louv’s book Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder was published in 2005, it inspired the birth of a new movement that focuses on reconnecting children with nature. Considering that today’s average preschooler is more likely to correctly identify the Mighty Eagle from the video game Angry Birds, than a real American bald eagle, the fundamentals of the book still hold true.

How to Really Green A Kid's Birthday Party

Doing less may actually do more for children's celebrations

My own child was still a baby when I got invited to the birthday of the little neighbour girl turning six. Until that day, I hadn’t thought much about this new generation of birthday parties. Like most parents, I didn’t go to kids’ birthday parties until I had kids. When I was little birthday parties were simple affairs: my brother, sister, and myself eating a cake that my mom made, with one present to open afterwards.

Are boring playgrounds hurting our kids?

Do boring playgrounds make our kids playground stupid?

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