Composting 101: Demystifying Compost for Urban & Apartment Dwellers

The Green Mama’s guide to backyard compost piles, composters, tumblers, vermicompost (worm bins), and electric-assist composters

Three steps to a healthy, green, organic pregnancy

The Green Mama’s three steps to achieving the healthiest, greenest pregnancy

1.   Eat organic.

Pregnant women and children will especially benefit from eating organic food.

Eleven Effective Habits for a Greener 2011

In 2011 green will be the thing.  Green is the fastest growing trend in food, buildings, and businesses. The entities that are thriving are those that are taking sustainability as part of what is essential. There are 11 habits that will guarantee that your lifestyle is more sustainable this year. Get good at them and you will save resources, money, and your health AND you will have fun in the process.

1. Make ORGANIC a habit

What is the dirty dozen?

Dear Green Mama: What is the dirty dozen?

What YOU can do to green your child’s classroom

The first day of school: it is a blessing and a challenge.  When your child is at home, it seems easier to be in control of their safety. Then one day your child goes off to their first day of school (think cute little back pack and a last wave as they disappear through the door) and everything changes. “My teacher said...” becomes a routine saying at home and all of the sudden your baby is demanding that you start recycling.

Considering the Cause - New Report on Cancer

If we use chemicals that are known or suspected carcinogens in our daily lives (e.g. consumer products, food we eat, etc.) we are increasing our risk for developing cancer.

Organic and From China: An Oxymoron?

More of everything is coming from China and food is no exception.  Now, more and more, organic food is also coming from China.  Which raises the question: if it is from China is it really organic?



Reflections from a Hair Addict: Finding Recovery

When I was growing up my hair was a mess: frizzy, bushy and permanently dented from being tied in a ponytail. Part of this was due to era, the late 80s/early 90s, but a lot of it was because my hair was addicted.

Organic Ingredients and the Real Organic Brands

I’d been pouring over labels for years and considered myself a savvy shopper, but the skincare aisle almost had me duped.  I’m one of those people: the kind that stands in the Whole Foods aisle obsessively scanning every label.   I am not appeased by claims of Natural! Kid Safe! or Hypoallergenic. What I’m looking for are the ingredients. The rest, as far as I am concerned, is just fancy PR. I want to know what I’m putting in and on my body.

A Greener and Healthier Menstrual Cycle

My friend N. called me yesterday to tell me she just got her period.  "What is the Green Mama approach to dealing with this?" she asked.  N. was new to green, but had already begun cloth diapering her baby, ate local foods, and had generally become curious about many things she used to take for granted.  I am always surprised when women ask me about this issue, but I shouldn't.  It's a big one: expensive in dollars, health effects, and waste. 

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