Eco-Phobia, Electronics, and the New Nature Movement: An Interview with Richard Louv

Richard Louv on nature-deficit disorder, play, parents, and the role of schools in raising today's healthy child

When Richard Louv’s book Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder was published in 2005, it inspired the birth of a new movement that focuses on reconnecting children with nature. Considering that today’s average preschooler is more likely to correctly identify the Mighty Eagle from the video game Angry Birds, than a real American bald eagle, the fundamentals of the book still hold true.

Summer Camp for the Whole Family

It’s summer.  Even now that I am all grown-up, I long for the days of summer camp.  Something I can share with my whole family: get me into a canoe, sitting around a campfire, and where someone else cooked (preferably no “bug juice” though).  I grew up poor, yet I still got to go to summer camp growing up.  I went to a YMCA summer camp, another focused around “creative expression.”  I went to Girl Scout camp and horse-riding camp.  I grew up in the city and spending a week in the woods was like magic.

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