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What Mamas Need to Know About Protecting Their Breasts After Angelina Jolie's Breast Cancer Scare

What to learn from Angelina Jolia's preventative mastectomy and how mama's everywhere can empower themselves towards better breast health & worry less about breast cancer

Three steps to a healthy, green, organic pregnancy

The Green Mama’s three steps to achieving the healthiest, greenest pregnancy

1.   Eat organic.

Pregnant women and children will especially benefit from eating organic food.

Are mom's worried about the wrong things? How to keep your child safe in today's toxic world.

I’ve had a slew of Ask the Green Mama questions recently that boil down to this: What are real dangers and what are the imagined dangers of parenting? This is at the heart of most questions, isn’t it? What will really kill my baby and what is actually not worth the stress of the worry. 

Of course, much of this we just don’t know. Parenting is risky, because life is full of unknowns. Today’s science, however, is telling us much about where our worry line should be.

Here’s what we do know.

Soy versus milk-based baby formula?

Soy versus milk formula?

Breastmilk is the healthy and green choice. However, if a baby does need formula, what next? The issue isn’t being talked about enough in the right circles because mom’s still have lots of questions, despite the fact that the research in this case gives us a clear answer to questions like soy vs. milk-based and other questions (like make my own or buy it) that no one even asks about anymore.

Poisoned!? What every mom needs to know about sugar

How your child’s organic, unsweetened juice is poisoning them almost as fast as a beer, a can of soda, or an HFCS-laden sports drink.

I love research and I love nutrition.  So when in one week a friend sent me a funny SNL skit mocking High Fructose Corn Syrup commercials and another friend sent me a lecture by Robert Lustig on why sugar is a poison,  I knew it was time to delve deeper into the issue of sugar.

Eleven Effective Habits for a Greener 2011

In 2011 green will be the thing.  Green is the fastest growing trend in food, buildings, and businesses. The entities that are thriving are those that are taking sustainability as part of what is essential. There are 11 habits that will guarantee that your lifestyle is more sustainable this year. Get good at them and you will save resources, money, and your health AND you will have fun in the process.

1. Make ORGANIC a habit

What is the dirty dozen?

Dear Green Mama: What is the dirty dozen?

Considering the Cause - New Report on Cancer

If we use chemicals that are known or suspected carcinogens in our daily lives (e.g. consumer products, food we eat, etc.) we are increasing our risk for developing cancer.

Organic and From China: An Oxymoron?

More of everything is coming from China and food is no exception.  Now, more and more, organic food is also coming from China.  Which raises the question: if it is from China is it really organic?



Melamine: Is it what's for dinner?

Remember melamine?  That was the substance found in the baby formula that resulted in over 54,000 children becoming sick and some dying and was also the substance that was found to be at fault in the 2007 pet food scandal.  (The pet food scandal entered the domestic food chain as chickens and pigs fed melamine ended up in the American food chain.) 

What is Melamine?

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