The Green Mama's Guatemalan Adventures: Traveling with children in the developing world

I am back in Guatemala with my children for the third time. Thus, I have decided to republish and add to some of the previous blogs on my experiences.

It all began in the fall of 2011 when I decided to take my young children (then 1 1/2 years and 5 years) and go to Guatemala for almost four months. Sin espouso. And, no, I didn't speak Spanish.

Lake Atitlan and Green Mama babyLake Atitlan and Green Mama baby

No more travel faux pas: How to travel well with a family

Traveling abroad with a family: keeping safe, having fun, and doing it "green"

I have found that traveling and living in the developing world has been one of the greatest gifts of parenting for my family. While it was for the "greater good of my children," that I first decided to pack my little girls up and spend the winter in Guatemala, I quickly realized the most immediate benefits were my own happiness.

Should I take my baby traveling? How to stay healthy and safe while traveling with children, even in poor countries

Dear Green Mama

My partner is travelling to Guatemala for 2 weeks and we are now wondering whether myself and our 8 month old baby could join him on this trip. We would all love to go as a family but are are little unsure of the safety- illness/hygiene wise. Is there any advice you could give us on this?

--Caroline L.

Greening Guatemala: Saving Guatemala's Children One Family at a Time

What happens when two ordinary Canadians decide to make an extraodindary difference? Project Somos Children’s Village: A home. A family. A future.

For the last few years, I have been involved with a very special project: an EcoVillage of sorts for Guatemalan children. My family and I have visited five times: their story and their project have inspired me and hundreds of others to make a difference. Thanks to EcoParent for originally publishing this article.

School of Thanks: Teaching kids to care in today's world

I want my kids to know how good they’ve got it. Don’t we all?

Like most Middle-Class parents in North America, I parent with a lot more: I obsess about their educational experiences, rush off to the doctor at the first sign of a rash, and worry about which summer camp will be the most enriching.

Diapers: Another Problem Facing Parents in the Third World

gDiapers in Guatemala: The Green Mama and gDiapers Bring Cloth Diapering Help to Poor Parents in a Poor Country

Last year when I went to Guatemala with my baby and young daughter, I was horrified. Yes, at the spiders and scorpions and Giardia, but even more at the daily dilemma around diapering babies.

Are boring playgrounds hurting our kids?

Do boring playgrounds make our kids playground stupid?

Can children be taught to care? A Green Mama Story.

I am back in Guatemala for the second year with my children. Last year we came for almost 4 months and my eldest daughter attended a special, multi-cultural, Waldorf school in a small Mayan village. From chicken pox to chickens, it was a life-altering experience that I wrote about in a series of articles on this site. I also published an article about our trip and the school we visited in EcoParent Magazine.

The Green Mama's Guatemalan Adventures: Adios.

Traveling (home from) Guatemala with children: Our goodbyes. Adios is used for comings and goings in Guatemala and means, literally, to God. If a picture says a thousand words, then this photo essay just about encapsulates everything I wish I could say.... (in Spanish).  Leaving. Coming. Adios. 


The Green Mama's Guatemalan Adventures: Visiting Project Somos Children's Village

After we left San Marcos la Laguna, we went to visit Tecpan where our friends, Heather and Greg, have founded Project Somos Children's Village.

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