Greener Sex: Birth control, sex toys, & lubricants made better for you & the environment

Tips and resources for healthier and more environmentally responsible birth control, sex toys, and lubricants

There are number of things that can be done to green-up sex itself. From using products such as condoms and lubricants that are healthy on the body, not made of estrogen-releasing plastics, and are gentle on the environment to avoiding birth control that routinely exposes your body and our waterways to persistent doses of estrogen.

No more travel faux pas: How to travel well with a family

Traveling abroad with a family: keeping safe, having fun, and doing it "green"

I have found that traveling and living in the developing world has been one of the greatest gifts of parenting for my family. While it was for the "greater good of my children," that I first decided to pack my little girls up and spend the winter in Guatemala, I quickly realized the most immediate benefits were my own happiness.

How to Really Green A Kid's Birthday Party

Doing less may actually do more for children's celebrations

My own child was still a baby when I got invited to the birthday of the little neighbour girl turning six. Until that day, I hadn’t thought much about this new generation of birthday parties. Like most parents, I didn’t go to kids’ birthday parties until I had kids. When I was little birthday parties were simple affairs: my brother, sister, and myself eating a cake that my mom made, with one present to open afterwards.

A Greener Planet 101: will you help or hinder?

Go Green in Four Easy Steps

With the "springing" of Spring and all of its holidays: Earth Day, Mother's Day, birthdays galore, and this year an election, I found this post by Green Mama contributor and yogi, Insiya Rasiwala-Finn to be well suited to the time. (Have you signed up to get the weekly Green Mama post delivered to your inbox door?)

The Thirteen Most Effective Habits for Greening 2013

In 2013 Everyday Can Be Earthday

For the last few years, green has been the fastest growing trend in food, buildings, and businesses. Consumers are smarter, and more demanding, than ever and the organizations that are thriving are those that are taking sustainability as part of what is essential. There are 13 habits that will guarantee that your lifestyle is more sustainable this year. Get good at them and you will save resources, money, and your health AND you will have fun in the process.

Green Cleaning for the Home: A Green Mama Guide to a Safe & Healthy Clean

Time for Spring Cleaning? Here's The Green Mama's Tips for a safe, healthy, "green" clean

What is Greenwashing? Green lies, green myths, green washers...beware!

Greenwashing: You are at risk. The Green Mama helps you avoid falling prey to greenwashers.

What is greenwashing? Greenwashing is using the language of "green" to make a product, person, company--or whatever--appear healthier for people and planet than it really is. 

Green Cleaning in Schools: The Green Mama Guide to healthy, safe, clean schools


You are a teacher or school administrator and you want to go green but aren’t sure where to start? The answer is probably right in front of your eyes: the soap next to the sink, the bottle of bleach for spraying down the tables, the window cleaner in the cabinet.

Three steps to a healthy, green, organic pregnancy

The Green Mama’s three steps to achieving the healthiest, greenest pregnancy

1.   Eat organic.

Pregnant women and children will especially benefit from eating organic food.

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