Urban Composting Made Easy with the Worm Factory, Part 3

Vermicomposting Success: Worms, wonderful worms

How to Compost with Worms and Troubleshoot Vermicomposting Problems

Learning to Vermicompost with The Green Mama and The Urban Worm Factory

Urban Composting Made Easy with the Worm Factory

A Green Mama real-life story of vermicomposting

For years, I’ve half-heartedly composted my kitchen scraps, piling them in a bin or a designated spot outdoors, occasionally turning the pile and knowing that I’d never live anywhere long enough to see any actual compost.  (This was, after all, in my twenties, and do you know that it can take up to two years to complete the composting process?) Still, whether or not I produced any compost, I figured that at least I was keeping kitchen scraps out of the landfill.

Composting 101: Demystifying Compost for Urban & Apartment Dwellers

The Green Mama’s guide to backyard compost piles, composters, tumblers, vermicompost (worm bins), and electric-assist composters

The Green Mama Review: Red Dragon indoor composter

The Red Dragon electric-assist, indoor composting appliance

Green aspects

Compost is almost half your garbage

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Composting is Sexy with the little hot box: The Red Dragon

Indoor composting made really simple: a love story between The Green Mama and The Red Dragon

This started out as a simple review: an electric-assist, indoor composter that everybody was whispering about.  But, then I fell in love.  I really do love that little red machine sitting in my kitchen nook right now. The Red Dragon is a composting appliance. Not everyone gets as excited about composting as I do, but maybe the would if they new the kind of impact it has. 

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