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Diapers: Another Problem Facing Parents in the Third World

gDiapers in Guatemala: The Green Mama and gDiapers Bring Cloth Diapering Help to Poor Parents in a Poor Country

Last year when I went to Guatemala with my baby and young daughter, I was horrified. Yes, at the spiders and scorpions and Giardia, but even more at the daily dilemma around diapering babies.

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Ask the Green Mama: Green Parenting 101 tips?

Dear Green Mama: In June I am going to have my first baby!  I don’t really think of myself as 

Analyzing Environmental Life-Cycle Costs of Diapers

Consider this in making the decision about cloth versus disposable:

  1. The process and impact of the making of the diaper (usually cotton versus wood pulp and plastic)
  2. The process and impact of using the diaper (such as washing cloth diapers and transporting disposable diapers and the years and numbers of each used)
  3. The process and impact of disposing of the diaper (minimal waste with home washed cloth, slightly more with service laundered cloth versus half of a homes entire solid waste use for disposable).

Greener Diapering


With over 7,000 diapers used in the life of an average child, diapering and its impact on the health of the planet and the health of a child are big issues. Although to many the answer to what is the greenest diaper option seems obvious, it has still been the subject of debate over the last 30 years. In some cases, even environmental groups have incorrectly or misleading published studies (such as the infamous one by leading diaper manufacturers, Proctor and Gamble,) that cloud this argument.

Cloth diapering 101 (these aren’t your mama’s cloth diapers)


Cloth diapers. It might be the thing that the parents in my Green Parenting 101 class are most curious about and have the most MIS-information about. As one student asked looking at my display table, "That cute thing is a CLOTH diaper?" Indeed, cloth diapers aren't the ugly, bulky things held together by safety pins that many of us grew up with.

Welcome to the Green Mama Blog

Welcome to the Green Mama Blog

My husband and I are environmentalists the way some people are Artists, or Christians, or Democrats. It defines how we live—how we shop, who we hang out with, what we read, and, of course, how we parent.

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