Greening Guatemala: Saving Guatemala's Children One Family at a Time

What happens when two ordinary Canadians decide to make an extraodindary difference? Project Somos Children’s Village: A home. A family. A future.

For the last few years, I have been involved with a very special project: an EcoVillage of sorts for Guatemalan children. My family and I have visited five times: their story and their project have inspired me and hundreds of others to make a difference. Thanks to EcoParent for originally publishing this article.

Birth of a nation or just birth?

Did you know this weekend is when both the U.S. and Canada celebrate some version of a national birthday party? All this talk about birth of nations and lots of tidbits on birth in general has got me thinking about, well, birth. So, in one of the strangest Canada Day/Independence Day blogs ever, this is a look at the state of birth in North America.

Fair Trade Your Home - From Top to Bottom

The call to “Fair Trade your home” has been gaining attention recently. Recent awareness campaigns have shed light on the abundance of inhumane work conditions many around the world deal with, that we in the “developed world” exploit. Often it seems like overcoming such a complicated issue is impossible for just one person or family to do, but I found out it’s not such a big undertaking after all. Buying Fair Trade is a win-win proposition!

Canada: Just like us only with better baby bottles

Earlier this summer, my family and I went to British Columbia, Canada, for our annual pilgrimage to this tiny island where we got married. My personal theory on Canada is that it is just like the Midwest, only with fewer people and, in the case of B.C., better views. It turns out, however, that Canada also has one other great difference, they have better baby bottles.

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