What America should learn from the United Arab Emirates mandating breastfeeding

Breastfeeding: Mandate, Monetize, or just leave-it to Mom?

The United Arab Emirates’ Federal National Council recently passed a clause mandating women breastfeed their babies for two years as part of their new Child Rights Law.  And, of course, the world is going crazy over the news with every North American journalists and women’s organizations rushing to condemn the move (or so it would seem by reading some of the American

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  • Are You Mom Enough? The Green Mama responds to the Time photo and article

    The Green Mama responds to Time Magazines: Are you Mom Enough?

    See The Green Mama participate in a conversation on this topic in the video: Real Women Respond to Are You Mom Enough? on CNN.Com

    Real Women Respond to Are You Mom Enough?Real Women Respond to Are You Mom Enough?

    Generation blame mom

    Soy versus milk-based baby formula?

    Soy versus milk formula?

    Breastmilk is the healthy and green choice. However, if a baby does need formula, what next? The issue isn’t being talked about enough in the right circles because mom’s still have lots of questions, despite the fact that the research in this case gives us a clear answer to questions like soy vs. milk-based and other questions (like make my own or buy it) that no one even asks about anymore.

    Is breastfeeding an environmental issue?


    The other day a mama I know blushed as she was talking about nursing with me and said, “But I guess breastfeeding isn’t really an environmental issue.” It is something that I think is important, but is it an environmental issue? There are three components of “green” that apply to this question: impacts on the environment, impacts on health, and economics.


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