The Green Mama Review: The Pura Kiki baby bottle

The Pura Kiki Baby Bottle & Sippy: a truly green baby bottle

Green Mama Reviews The Pura Kiki Baby BottleGreen Mama Reviews The Pura Kiki Baby Bottle


What's in Your Water? Bottled vs. Tap

(originally published on Chicago Now)

Is your plastic water bottle killing you?

Well, it depends on who you ask. Nalgene, probably the best known maker of the hard, plastic water bottles that adults use, says “Of course not!” but they are still phasing out their polycarbonate lines. (Polycarbonate is that rigid, clear plastic that almost all of their bottles were made of.) Nalgene, along with many other bottle companies, are phasing out polycarbonates due to consumer pressure around Bisphenol A (BPA).

Canada: Just like us only with better baby bottles

Earlier this summer, my family and I went to British Columbia, Canada, for our annual pilgrimage to this tiny island where we got married. My personal theory on Canada is that it is just like the Midwest, only with fewer people and, in the case of B.C., better views. It turns out, however, that Canada also has one other great difference, they have better baby bottles.

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