The Stink on Air Filters: Which airfilters relieve asthma symptoms and help improve indoor air quality?

I'm looking for the best room air purifier.  Or should we invest in something that would work on our furnace/air conditioner system?  I've been suffering all winter from sinus infections and increased food allergies from a weakening immune system.  Since we've been remodeling I think it's time to seriously look at our indoor air pollution to cut down on allergens.  Thanks so much for any help you can give!!!

--S.I. in Ohio

Are mom's worried about the wrong things? How to keep your child safe in today's toxic world.

I’ve had a slew of Ask the Green Mama questions recently that boil down to this: What are real dangers and what are the imagined dangers of parenting? This is at the heart of most questions, isn’t it? What will really kill my baby and what is actually not worth the stress of the worry. 

Of course, much of this we just don’t know. Parenting is risky, because life is full of unknowns. Today’s science, however, is telling us much about where our worry line should be.

Here’s what we do know.

Ask the Green Mama: Air Fresheners Stink!

Dear Green Mama: My family and I live in North Florida. My son has asthma and allergies and he is attending public school in the fourth grade. His teacher refuses to remove her plug in air fresheners. I sent a note to this teacher and a note from his doctor explaining my son's asthma and offered to buy something less offending to his health. She responded saying she has been a teacher for 28 years and never had a problem, she will not teach in a musty room and did not feel complete without perfume.

What is the dirty dozen?

Dear Green Mama: What is the dirty dozen?

Ask the Green Mama: The Dangers of Anti-Bacterial Soap

Dear Green Mama: I'm a teacher. I've read on your site before that hand sanitizers can be problematic. What about anti-bacterial soaps? Will they help protect me from catching colds and flus from my students? I assume you are going to say "No!" So what information can I use to help get the support of my school and parents in getting rid of the antibacterial hand soaps that are everywhere!


Ask the Green Mama: Green Parenting 101 tips?

Dear Green Mama: In June I am going to have my first baby!  I don’t really think of myself as 

Can I recycle my baby's carseat?

Dear Green Mama: My friends and I swap, reuse, and hand-down everything from baby clothes, toys, and books to cribs, tricycles, and information.  What do we do, though, with our old car seats?  These days, the car seats come with expiration dates, yet I can't seem to find a carseat recycler.  Any ideas or connections that would help in this endeavor? --Distressed green driver

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